One year later, the Sons of Anarchy game may have been a scam

Refunds issued on iOS

Back in August 2015 it came to my attention that the episodic Sons of Anarchy game, released six months prior, had virtually no updates regarding a follow-up — despite the fact that a Season Pass was sold upfront. The developer and publisher had seemingly gone silent, and a small collective of buyers started getting antsy. I mean, that kind of delay between episodes isn’t unheard of (Republique didn’t finish its story for almost three years), but to have no communication on the matter was unsettling, to say the least.

Having reached out to all parties involved, I found out that the co-developer, Silverback Games, was merely a “consultant,” and is not responsible for the release schedule. For that, I’d have to contact developer Orpheus Interactive, who obtained the license. Silverback informed me that they “simply do not know what they are up to or what their plan is.” Not a good sign.

Fast forward to this week, eight months later — I still haven’t heard anything from Orpheus, but I did get a notification from Apple directly, informing me that I am entitled to a refund for my purchase of Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. Orpheus Interactive has not published anything else on iOS, and their entire company listing, as well as the listing for the game itself, has been removed from Apple’s servers. Their support center hasn’t been updated in over a year, providing the same message: “Our team is hard at work on episodes 2-10 of Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. We will release all information via our site and social media channels when new episodes or developments are ready.”

How did this even happen? Sons of Anarchy is one of the biggest shows in FX history, a subsidiary of FOX, who were directly involved in the game’s creation, have yet to issue a statement. Either way, for all 10 of you that also bought the game, contact Apple for your refund if you haven’t already.

Chris Carter
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