One way ticket to the City of Metronome, please

My own southern kin Flynn DeMarco posted this tidbit at Kotaku today about Metronome, a game I am more excited about than most big name releases planned for this year. Why, you ask, does this float my boat more than a hundred new Legend of Zeldas? One word sums it up — innovation.

Metronome features a Steampunk themed enviroment, Phillip K. Dick quality paranoia, and uses sound as the game’s central weapon. As a girl who played the hell out of games like Grim Fandango and Starship Titanic back in the day, I can say that one thing I really miss when I gaze into the giant bucket of sh*t that is PC gaming these days is the sparkle of titles such as these. Yeah, there is a demand for gorgeously generic next gen titles, but the role players hang out and hope for better. Obviously Tarsier Studios is taking the route less traveled, and I for one am thrilled to see it. They’re still looking for a publisher for Metronome, so let’s hope one is smart enough to bring this gem to light.

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