One very good Pokemon Funko and one very bad Pokemon Funko

A tale of two Funkos

Would you like the good news first or the bad news first? People always pick bad news, right? Get it out of the way and go out on a high note? Okay, here goes:

Funko is at it again. The toy manufacturer that makes its nut by drowning the world in soulless figurines of every pop culture character imaginable is…doing that exact thing again. This time it’s Squirtle, a beloved Generation 1 starter Pokemon. 

Not great! The giant black hole eyes are as unpleasant as ever, but there’s more to hate. The lumpy, bald head and constipated smirk make this Funko especially unsettling. This completes the desecrated trinity as Charmander and Bulbasaur got their uncomely caricatures already.

Now onto greener pastures. July’s entry for the A Day with Pikachu series has been revealed, and it’s just as adorable as can be. Pikachu’s sunbathing comes to an unexpectedly halt as he holds onto his Psyduck floatie for dear life. As you may know, electricity and water don’t mix.

As we detailed a few months ago, the Day with Pikachu line of Funkos is a series of monthly releases that are all exclusive to the Pokemon Center. They are, genuinely, some of Funko’s finest work. More of this, please! And less of that abomination in the first half of the post.

See the Newest A Day with Pikachu Funko Figure Coming to the Pokémon Center [Pokémon Center]

Brett Makedonski
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