One Resident Evil 5 composer is scared of series games

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The folks at OriginalSoundVersion have kicked off their three day series of interviews with Resident Evil 5’s composers this week. Yesterday was with lead composer Kota Suzuki, who you’ll know from Devil May Cry 4 or Onimusha 3. Suzuki talks about the music making process for Capcom’s upcoming release, which he says is his best work yet.

I can definitely say I now have a piece of work that is hallmark of my oeuvre, and having done it has made my job easier in the long run,” he says.  “I also think my friends and family now have a better idea of what my job actually is.”

Suzuki also says that “you’ll definitely want to listen to it in surround sound” if you have a home theater system.

The interviews continue with Wataru Hokoyama, who handled orchestration and conducting for Resident Evil 5. He mentions that witnessing how freaked out his brother would be after playing past series games, he became too afraid to play the games himself. 

“I’m too afraid to play scary and intense games, so after seeing him a bit freaked out by the game, I didn’t have enough courage to play it myself… So, years later when I got the offer to work on Resident Evil 5, I knew that I’d have work on some scary and intense action cues.”

I think Hokoyama should play Resident Evil 5: there’s nothing really scary about it at all.

Today the coverage ends with a soundtrack review, which they say is a three-disc album “dripping with atmosphere.”

Head over to OSV to check them all out.


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