One Piece: World Seeker, ‘the most ambitious One Piece game ever,’ delayed to 2019

‘Don’t have any regrets, no matter what happens’

Bandai Namco has confirmed to Destructoid that One Piece: World Seeker has been delayed into 2019. 

Originally slated for release this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, World Seeker is a Ganbarion-helmed open world adventure (a first for the series) with the backing of many key Toei Animation folks. Gum Gum techniques (read: stretchy body parts if you haven’t seen the show) are set as a means of traversal for the main character Luffy. No date was given, but the reason for the delay is to “further polish the game ahead of its launch.” For the first open world jaunt you don’t want to come in half-cocked.

Marketing aside the concept art has me interested. I really want to see what an open world One Piece is made of. I mean we have great open world superhero projects like Spider-Man and a few Arkham games, why shouldn’t anime heroes be part of the equation?

Chris Carter
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