One of WiiWare’s best games is now on mobile

WayForward’s Lit is back on iOS, Android

WiiWare may not be fondly remembered by many, but for years Nintendo’s old digital platform was one of my favorite places to discover hidden gems. In fact, some of my favorite games from the last generation (Lost WindsBit.Trip, and Let’s Catch, just to name a few) got their start on WiiWare.

Many of these titles have been forgotten to the annals of time, while others have seen release on other (more successful) platforms. WayForward’s Lit is the latest title to make the transition to a new home, with a reimagined spin on the concept launching today on iOS and Android devices.

Lit follows teenager Jake through a maze of light-based puzzles in a darkened nightmarish high school, were he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Rachel. The mobile version has a more simplistic cartoony art-style and trades in the IR-heavy motion controls for touch-based inputs. The core idea behind the game remains the same, though, tasking players with breaking windows with a slingshot and moving lightbulbs from one lamp to another in order to stay out of the deadly shadows.

It’s available now for free (with advertisements) via the App Store and Google Play.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson