One of the Steam Machines is already 40 percent off

Uhhh, that was quick

Less than two weeks after it hit the market, Syber is already discounting one of its Steam Machines by 40 percent. As part of a “one day only!” event, the Steam Machine I has a reduced price of $299 from $499.

Syber has also discounted its other two Steam Machines by the same dollar amount, but the percent saved is less significant. The P model is $589 and the X model is $1,279. The Steam Machine I is considered a “value” PC (it comes with an i3-4160, GTX 750 with 1GB GDDR5, and 4GB RAM) while the X and its i7-4790k, GTX 980 with 4GB GDDR5, and 16GB RAM is for “hardcore gamers.”

If anyone plans to jump on this, note that not all the savings are instantaneous. Of the $200 discount on each Steam Machine, $100 is instantaneous and the other $100 requires a pesky mail-in rebate.

It’s the season where everybody’s looking to save, but this seems awfully quick. This line just launched on November 10 and one of the models is already 40 percent off. Either these were priced with promotions in mind or this doesn’t bode well for Syber’s Steam Machines.

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Brett Makedonski
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