One of the few next-gen exclusives, PS5’s Destruction AllStars, has been delayed into 2021

And it’ll be a PlayStation Plus game

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Delays are happening in 2020. It’s just the reality of things. And sometimes those delays come down to the wire. Destruction AllStars is the latest casualty of this crazy year.

In case you forgot, Destruction AllStars was revealed earlier this year and is one of the few true launch PS5 exclusives (generational exclusives, really), along with Demon’s Souls and Astro’s Playroom (the rest are also being released on either PC or PS4). Today, Sony director of product development Pete Smith broke the news that Destruction AllStars would indeed be missing the next-gen launch, and has been pushed back to February 2021.

There is good news, though. When it does arrive, it’ll be a PlayStation Plus title (and as such, is one of the first-ever confirmed PS5 Plus perks). Smith notes that there will be more news for the game next week, which is great; as we know very little about it. He also confirms that if you already pre-ordered it you will be refunded: whether it’s digitally or at retail.

For reference, Destruction AllStars was previously a $70 game. Perhaps Sony wasn’t happy with the pre-order numbers and decided to make it a Plus perk. It’s a smart move in multiple ways, as it’ll allow this multiplayer-centric game to thrive with a bigger playerbase out of the gate. Everyone wins with this.

Destruction AllStars coming to PlayStation Plus in February [PlayStation Blog]

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