One of the biggest patches ever for Heroes of the Storm is in PTR

Stealth rework, tower changes and more

As seen at BlizzCon, Blizzard is shaking up Heroes of the Storm quite a bit leading into the new year. For starters towers have been re-imagined entirely, with infinite ammo. Forts and keeps now provide true sight for stealth heroes, all of which have obtained a massive rework. Now you can more easily see the stealth outline, but dedicated stealthies have gotten some tweaks and buffs (especially Zeratul) to compensate.

Other alterations include terrain outlines (mostly for Lucio and Junkrat), an increased camera height for a wider view, more visible battleground timers, neutral regeneration globes if one isn’t claimed in three seconds, and some mercenary changes (to make them more meaningful and impactful). Having tried this out I’m mostly in favor of them, even the stealth rework — as Valeera and Zeratul are more fun as a result. I’m still undecided on the infinite tower ammo, though tests show that game length has not increased as a result of the patch.

You can check out all these changes now in the PTR (just select PTR in the launcher instead of your region), and Hanzo will be injected in on November 27. This special testing session will last three weeks given how hefty it is.

Chris Carter
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