One of the best Final Fantasy games ever just got a (re)mastering of featurette

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‘Inside Final Fantasy VIII Remastered’

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Final Fantasy VIII rocked my world so many years ago, and it was a joy to play through it again in remastered form.

Square Enix thinks that the whole effort to actually put it out on modern systems was pretty special too, so they went ahead and created a mini-featurette with Yoshinori Kitase (director), Shinji Hashimoto (producer) and Yusuke Naora (art director). You know, pretty pivotal people that made this classic happen.

This is actually a legit good video. It clocks in at a cool 24 minutes-ish so you aren’t taking an entire day to watch it, plus the team actually dives into the philosophy of the narrative as well as some gameplay elements. It’s in Japanese so you’ll probably need subtitles, but it’s worth the watch! 

It’s not just for VIII fans specifically either:, as concepts from other games (including VII are discussed).

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