‘One in three households’ have a Wii

We really haven’t had a reminder of the Wii’s ludicrous popularity in a while, so let’s one of those stories, shall we? If you didn’t already believe that the Wii was a serious bit of mainstream kit, then check this out: One in three British households now apparently own a Wii. 

This revelation comes courtesy of GfK Chart-Track, and is being used by Nintendo to promote its Christmas lineup and a huge UK marketing campaign that includes celebrity endorsements from the likes of Helen Mirren and Terry “mad old bastard” Wogan.

In addition to those hot numbers, one in six Brits also have a DS, pretty much confirming that Reggie Fils-Aime takes his bath in a giant gold pelican’s beak and scrubs his dainty portions with a jewel-encrusted swan’s neck. He’s rich, is the thing I am telling you. 

So yeah, the Wii is still pretty popular. 

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Jim Sterling