One in five Japanese folks own a DS

You’d think by now that with the sheer amount of DS units being sold around Japan every week, everybody in the country would have one of the bloody things. While this is apparently not true, the fact that one in five Japanese consumers own Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld is still pretty damn impressive.

Nintendo today released a chart that indicated 20.5% of Japan is revelling in touch-screen based fun. The near 10% of Americans and Europeans, also shown in the chart, is rather good too. So far there doesn’t seem to be any information on how Nintendo got this data, as it could well include sales from those who traded up to a DSi. However, one should have no problem believing that the DS is in the hands of a LOT of people. When I’m at an airport, I see almost as many DS’ as I do idiots in sandals, and I see loads of those.

The Gizmodo certainly has some catching up to do!

Jim Sterling