On XBLA this week: Inferno Pool and Rainbow Islands

It’s a decidedly gloomy week for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Both games, Inferno Pool and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!, are re-releases from other downloadable services (PSN and WiiWare, respectively). Even at $10 a pop, I don’t know that either of them are worth downloading.

Oh, Inferno Pool. I dislike pool, especially in virtual form, but your announcer is so entertaining. You couldn’t get the Unreal Tournament guy, so you had to hire the next best person. And he’s gloriously awful. I mean that in the best possible way, honest!

And then onto Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!. Personally, I would have preferred the original arcade game rather than this. The game’s cluttered look and slightly creepy-looking protagonist aren’t doing it for me. The unnecessary exclamation mark in the title is a nice effort, though. You gotta have that.

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