On the eve of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s launch, someone made a Sakurai amiibo


Every so often a custom amiibo comes along that’s either aesthetically impressive or warms the heart. This one checks both boxes. Born from the mind of artist George Crudo, this new figure depicts a picturesque, yet also cartoonish version of Smash director/heart and soul Masahiro Sakurai.

So how did this whole thing come about? Well according to Crudo himself, he used a sanctioned rendering from artist Sean Hicks for the base, then managed to craft a 3D rendition of it. Crudo calls it “gratitude for 20 years of his dedication to creating Smash.” He hopes that with enough attention that Nintendo will send it Sakurai’s way.

Good luck!

George Crudo [Twitter] Thanks Jeff!

Chris Carter
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