On the eve of Persona 5, are you a Shin Megami Tensei or Persona person?


Ah, the age old question — Shin Megami Tensei or Persona. Well maybe not “age old,” as the original Persona was introduced in 1996, four years after SMT — it’s barely two decades old. But right around Persona 3 is where I started to notice a turnaround for the series in terms of popularity, and perhaps a total eclipse of the Tensei heart once Persona 4 Golden rolled around.

But I’m that weird guy who still retained his love for SMT, despite how good recent Personas have been. Nocturne has to date remained my favorite, and I love the enhanced occult/apocalyptic themes more so than the social links and surrealistic aim of Persona.

Maybe after all of the strides made with Persona 5, Atlus will try something completely different. I mean, SMT can turn from a 20th century romp through Japan to a hacker-filled future affair on a dime, or in some cases, a combo of both! Little boys stuffed inside of bear suits is a tough sell, but true to its moniker, so is Strange Journey.

As always the real question is — what do you prefer?

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