On PSN: Gravity Crash, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons

With Thanksgiving this week, the PlayStation Network releases had to be moved up to Tuesday. We’re getting two games, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons and Gravity Crash, both of which are $9.99.

As cool as the name sounds, RotWD looks off. For reference, the PlayStation Blog has video of the straight-up arcade-style beat-’em-up. Who knows, there’s always the possibility it handles a heck of a lot better than it looks over the Internet.

The neon aesthetic of Gravity Crash is much less taxing on the eyes. It’s very much what you would expect from a download-only shooter these days, with one exception. The level editor! The short montage shown here makes it look intuitive enough.

And since levels can be shared, you can always fall back on the work of others if need be.

Jordan Devore
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