On Kickstarter: 8-bit city maps and more

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This morning we pointed you to a Kickstarter project on a film on Flash games and their growth, and this somehow led us to the other game-related Kickstarter projects on the idea funding site. We picked out a few to share with you.

One of the coolest of the lot is called 8-Bit Cities. This is going to be an interactive, web-based series of maps of real world cities. In other words, it looks just like the maps of classic RPGs, but you can actually go to these IRL towns and visit the IRL taverns and get IRL drunk. It works like Google Maps, with full support for zooming and tourist site features. New York is up now, and several more are in the works. This one does not need your funding anymore, as they reached their goal of $3,000 back in April.

There’s also:

Speaking of funding, it looks like Sequence, the rhythm role-playing game we featured some time back, is now fully funded.

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