OMG SHOES: Street Fighter inspired shoes on the way

Yes, videogame merchandising has gone as far as shoes now. Nike and Capcom are working together to make official Street Fighter themed shoes. The Nike Street Fighter pack is made up of two designs but more are on the way.

The blue and white Dunk Low shoes are based on Chun-Li and the white, red and black design Dunk Mid kicks are inspired by Ryu. It looks like the branding is just based on colors as there is no Street Fighter or Capcom logo anywhere on the shoes. The shoes will be out towards the end of the year.

They look great, but if you’re going to brand something, why not go all out? If done right, seeing Street Fighter characters on the shoes would be pretty rad.

Nike Dunk SB – Street Fighter Pack [SNKRBook, via N-SB]

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