OMG: New Red Alert: Uprising trailer has Ric Flair getting attacked by a bear

Electronic Arts has released some new trailers for the upcoming PC expansion, Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising. As expected, it shows off some of the new maps, some of the new units, and clips from the game’s over-the-top live-action cut-scenes.

It looks great, and full of action that might catch the attention of gamers who aren’t even fans of real-time strategy games. But let’s cut through that crap and get to the important stuff: Ric Flair — who EA hired on to do some in-game acting — goes “Whoo!” at the one minute and thirty-two second mark. It seems that EA got exactly what they paid for, didn’t they?

But even more important, there’s a video after the jump of Flair being attacked by someone in a bear costume. I can’t make this s**t up, folks — it’s actually happening. Watch it after the jump, because it’s going to change your life.

Nick Chester