Omega Five Unlockable character revealed, new screens have a doggie in them

You kids today with your hi-tech weaponry. Take a look at this hidden unlockable character from Omega Five. They call him Sensei, and he’s the oldest and wisest of the game’s band of good guys. Back in his day, you didn’t need lasers and spreadshots to defeat aliens, all you needed was your trusty katana and your beloved mutt.

Sensei’s weapon set consists of nothing more than a sword, shuriken, some knives, and maybe a bomb or two. He’s such a badass, in fact, that his swordsmanship skills can even destroy some enemies’ fire. However, even the hardened heart of the galaxy’s greatest warrior has a soft spot for puppies, and that’s where Rikimaru comes in. Always at his master’s side, Rikimaru is Sensei’s dog, and aids him in his alternate attacks by leaping toward an enemy to place targets on its weak point, which Sensei then nails with projectiles. 

He’s a hardcore old-schooler with a knack for kicking massive amounts of ass, and a dog lover to boot. Sensei sounds like my kind of guy. You can look forward to unlocking this man among men when Omega Five becomes available on XBLA later this month. Until then, check out some of these new screenshots to see him and his canine in action. 

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