Olympic medalist Michael Phelps to get his own game, may involve swimming

OK, we get it — throw United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps into the water and he goes fast. Having broken records left and right at this year’s Beijing Olympics, taking home eight gold medals, it’s next to impossible to see him anywhere with a shirt on.

Now, according to a profile of the swimmer on 60 Minutes, he’ll be getting his very own videogame. No details were given, including who would be publishing the title, but let’s just take a guess that assume that the game will be swimming-related.

But has there ever been a good swimming game, really? The answer is “no,” as they all inevitably involve mashing a single button repeatedly. But with the advent of Wii motion controls, one can imagine this can be translated to making “swimming motions” with your arms and hands. Can’t wait. 

True story: when I was working as a manager at a GameStop in Baltimore, MD (the secret’s out!), I took Phelps’ reserve for Madden NFL 2005 when he was just a local swimming superstar. I framed the receipt he signed. And by “framed,” I mean I shoved it into a white envelope and sent it off to accounting along with the rest of the receipts, of course.

[Via CVG]

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