Oldie but goodie? Cancelled X-Men game for the 32X

Here’s a bit of late night gaming esoterica for you: a Spanish Sega fansite, Sega Saturno, has unearthed an unreleased copy of a cancelled 32X game called X-Men: Mind Games, a 3D action/maze title. After the jump, you can see some footage and you can download the game here, although it’s only playable with actual 32X hardware.

Mind Games made its debut at E3 in 1995, courtesy of a company called Scavenger, Inc. The company went bankrupt three years later, but some of its team members went on to work with  more financially solvent studios like IO Interactive and Starbreeze. In any case, it seems that Scavenger made a few Mind Games prototype cartidges to take to tradeshows, most of which were destroyed. Sega Saturno, however, snagged a cartridge from eBay for about $850.

The game was in an early Alpha stage when it was scrapped and, while it features killer music, doesn’t look like much fun. The people over at the Sega-16 forums, who must know more about the Sega 32X than I do, seem to think that Mind Game‘s 3D graphics were incredible for their time, and I’m inclined to agree — 3D videogames are to 1995 as the lunar landing was to 1969, after all.

For what it’s worth, the above screenshot doesn’t do the game much justice — you can see it in motion after the break.

[Via GameSetWatch]

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