Old man goes clubbing (with a rock, to steal an Xbox 360)

Earlier today, the Robomail received a tip from Joe “What? Are you surprised?” Burling, regarding the disgusting depravity found in the sordid depths of Kennedy Country. According to this story in the Braintree Forum (a bizarrely named Massachusettes paper) Richard Maldonado, a middle-aged man, decided to liberate an Xbox 360 from a 13-year-old boy, and while there probably isn’t a classy way to go about something like that, Mr. Maldonado proved that there is definitely a horrid, despicable way. Here’s a quote explaining the deets:

“When he returned, he saw Maldonado exiting the Laundromat with a blue laundry bag that had wires hanging out of it,” Jenkins said. “The boy then noticed that his Xbox 360 was missing, chased Maldonado across Washington Street, and confronted him in the Braintree Cooperative Bank parking lot. The boy pleaded with Maldonado to give him back his game and told him that it was a gift from his mother after his father died. The boy later explained to officers that the game was a gift from his mother on his first Christmas after his father passed away. It was meant to make him feel better even though she could not afford such an expensive gift.”

Of course, the best part of the story comes when you learn that upon being confronted by the boy, Mr. Maldonado — instead of handing the system back to its owner, or hanging himself in shame — picked up a rock and started threatening the lad. Somehow, I think shooting at the young boy would have been more respectable, but at least he didn’t touch his junk, right?

Earnest Cavalli
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