Old lady talks Mirkwood in latest LOTRO expansion trailer

Those good old Middle-Earth gals sure know how to pitch expansion packs.

Earlier this morning, Turbine released another teaser trailer for Siege of Mirkwood, the next expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. Launching on December 1st in North America, the expansion, as most tend to do, adds a chunk of land to the core game and introduces new plot elements, raids, and Legendary Weapon tiers.

Also, more trees. It adds a lot of trees.

On a semi-related note, Turbine is running a few Siege of Mirkwood pre-launch offers. Anyone who renews or upgrades his or her subscription to LOTRO before October 31st gets this expansion for free. Also, Turbine is offering Lifetime LOTRO Memberships for $199. Nice price, but we’re sure cats, significant others, and family won’t be too happy with you once they hear you just dropped that kind of dough.

But, yeah, Siege of Mirkwood. It’s coming.

Brad BradNicholson