Old FuncoLand employee training video is just horrid

Long before GameStop swallowed up most of its major competitors, there was FuncoLand. The first major videogame chain store of its kind, FuncoLand offered plenty of used games for all consoles. Unbeknownst to us all until now, FuncoLand employees were horribly mistreated as they were forced to watch this disgusting employee training video.

As brain hurting as this video is, I can’t help but remember when I first started working in videogame retail. It was during the N64 and PlayStation 1 era and seeing all of those classic games on the shelves brings back some memories. Mostly bad memories, but some good ones too.

Check out the second part of the employee training video after the break.

Random Time! – FuncoLand training video [GoNintendo]

What is up with the face paint?!

Hamza Aziz