Old favorites return for the Humble Indie Bundle: All-Stars

Eight solid games for under eight bucks

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On the heels of its fifth birthday, Humble Indie Bundle has packaged eight damn fine games for its All-Stars bundle. You probably own most of these, but here goes anyway:

  • Pay what you want: World of Goo, Super Meat Boy, Dustforce DX
  • Pay more than the average (~$4.50): Limbo, Braid, Dungeon Defenders Collection
  • Pay $1 more than the average: Risk of Rain, Antichamber

As far-reaching and familiar as some of these titles are, there are billions of people on this planet who haven’t played or even heard of them before. Maybe give a shout (or a gift!) to a friend or two.

I maintain that the Dustforce soundtrack by Lifeformed is some of the best music in gaming.

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