Okinawa Rush could get a taste of The Baz if we’re lucky

A storm is coming… are you ready?

I’ve seen a lot of great rushes come and go over the years. Sonic Rush, Sugar RushSan Francisco Rush: 2049, Rush, and of course, August Rush are just few off the top of my head. With the rush market already over saturated to the point of bubbling over, it’s especially hard right now for anyone to try to rush in and make a name for themselves in “the rush zone“.

It will be interesting to see if Okinawa Rush has what it takes to overcome all that. Matt from Two Best Friends Play brought the game to my attention a week or so ago, and I’ve been meaning to write about it ever since. It gives me a real classic Sega feeling, hearkening back to the original Shinobi and Streets of Rage, but with a lot more enemies on screen at a time, a deeper combat system, and some light RPG elements. Maybe the reason it hasn’t been funded yet is the character designs are a little on the vanilla side? Also, people often assume that crowd funded games with relatively low funding goals don’t need as much help, so they don’t bother helping. Sadly, that’s left one too many otherwise worthwhile Kickstarter projects dead in the water. 

With just a couple days to go and a couple thousand dollars to raise, I think this one just might make it. Matt tells me there’s a chance the devs will include The Baz in the game if it does. That will make over four major game appearances for the Two Best Friends icon, including Divekick, Shovel Knight, Pocket Rumble, and Colossal Kaiju Combat. If you’d like to see see Okinawa Rush become the fifth, you can back it here

Jonathan Holmes
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