Okay, we get it: Aliens: Colonial Marines will be at E3

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Guys, Sega and Gearbox will be bringing Aliens: Colonial Marines to E3 next week. There, I said it. That feels good. 

I know this because it’s on our E3 schedule, the one I’ve personally been piecing together for our coverage of next week’s main event. And Sega apparently doesn’t want me to forget. First they send me a creepy doll, burnt doll head, a reference to Newt from the Aliens franchise. Next, we get a pretty nice print of the USS Solaco in the mail.

Well today, I received that up there. Yes, it’s some kind of plastic pulse rifle, completely functional with the included foam M-40 grenades.

I think our own Conrad Zimmerman put it best this morning: “Sometimes I wonder if PR people send this s**t out and wonder if they’ll see it on an episode of Hoarders.”

More on these Aliens: Colonial Marines shenanigans next week, preferably with some game information, right? 

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