Okay, so Alan Wake’s Return isn’t the name of the next game

But it’s Alan Wake-related!

Remedy Entertainment hasn’t put the Alan Wake series to bed yet. The studio has said in the past that it “assumed from the get-go that there was going to be a sequel.” Ever since Quantum Break went gold last month, Remedy has hinted at Alan Wake being its next project — except the hinting is about as subtle as pointing a giant neon-lit arrow at the idea.

The evidence ranges from Quantum Break easter eggs to a newly-filed trademark for the name “Alan Wake’s Return.” That trademark has been on a lot of people’s minds, as it seems like the most likely nod to a relatively-imminent new Alan Wake reveal. Except it’s not, apparently.

Kotaku UK spoke with Remedy head Sam Lake about the trademark, and Lake confirmed that it’s the name of an in-game video series. According to the report, Alan Wake’s Return is a series of live-action mini episodes that star Lake. Alan Wake also had in-game entertainment in the form of short TV shows, so it makes sense that a sequel would too.

As for any pertinent information confirming the next Alan Wake? Well, Lake deflected. “We are exploring possibilities and concepting different things, but lots needs to click into place for anything to happen. We will be the first to talk about it when there is something definite to talk about,” he said.

Alan Wake’s Return Isn’t A New Game [Kotaku UK]

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