Okay Nintendo, you got me: Your new Breath of the Wild screenshots are exciting

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His name is ‘Link Link’

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Fine. I’m finally starting to get excited about Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to Game Informer’s latest screenshots and interview with Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto. Not that I was planning on skipping it or anything, but nothing about the game had quite made me jump in excitement. 

To sum up the interview: it’s a secret whether or not the Master Sword can break, Link’s name is Link Link (Miyamoto also confirms “Mario Mario”), Link Link can wear green, Link Link will not say a full sentence in the game, Link Link has no family, Link Link is not human, there will be a wolf, you can upgrade the stamina meter, BotW takes place after Ocarina of Time, and you can’t eat your horse.

If asked why I wasn’t as excited as others for the longest time, I’d say I didn’t see enough. They first announced a return to the open-world roots of the original 2D games. I didn’t grow up on the 2D games, so I don’t share that love for them that older gamers have. Then they introduced survival elements one after another. I don’t really like survival games that much.

Likely my own fault, but as I like to go into games as blind as possible I stopped intently looking at screenshots and videos. Perhaps due to that, all I ever saw was the same greenish-looking areas, some fire, and Link Link fighting chump enemies. I didn’t see towns, varied locations, interesting equipment, unique enemies, or other characters. For whatever reason I felt compelled to look at these Game Informer screens and holy hell there’s big boss enemies and even Beedle! 

Exclusive The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screen Gallery [Game Informer]

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