Okami for the Wii is nearly finalized…do you care?

While answering a few questions on the Capcom Unity forums, Capcom’s senior director of strategy, Christian Svensson had a few things to say about the Wii’s port of Okami — and it appears to be a port in the literal sense. When asked by poster 3chordjack about the possibility of new content, Sven had this to say in response: 

“Nope. 40-60 hours of content is plenty for anyone. It doesn’t need more bosses. Most people complain that the game is too long as it is. And you could read a few threads around here asking us to shorten or cut it (which we also didn’t do).”

That may leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who demand new content whenever a game is released for a new platform, but I have to agree, 40-60 hours isn’t exactly something to sneeze at. The good news is that the game is pretty much finished, you can now skip over the nagging walls of endless text, and it should be released sometime in March.

Capcom is wagering that the Wiimote will inject the level of interest that Okami deserved the first time around on the PS2, but didn’t get. Just don’t ignore this great game like you did last time — It’s exactly why we can’t have nice things.

[Via Cubed3