Oh yeah, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming soon, here’s the key art

January 18, 2019

I completely forgot about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Like, nearly everything about it: the Switch exclusivity, the top-down viewpoint, the aesthetics. I was just kind of assuming that one day it would come across my desk and I’d immediately play it. But it is indeed on the horizon as one of the first big games of next year with a January 18, 2019 launch.

There doesn’t seem to be a delay in sight either as developer Grasshopper Manufacture just posted the key artwork for the game on their Twitter account, and surprise: it rocks. As a reminder, this isn’t a full sequel but a “fresh start” for Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of the two core No More Heroes games. Suda himself confirmed to Destructoid back in 2017 that “it’s not really a spinoff but sort of a separate entity.”

As a reminder, if the game sells enough there could be a No More Heroes 3. The jury is out on Travis Strikes Again but if it works out that there’s more Travis Touchdown madness I wouldn’t say no.

Grasshopper [Twitter]

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