Oh yeah, I forgot Michael K. Williams is in the Assasin’s Creed movie, which is out soon

Which means I’ll see it eventually

I still can’t believe that the Assassin’s Creed film attracted so much talent. I mean it’s basically Macbeth 2.0, but with flashy capes instead of unwashed bloody hands. Oh, and Michael K. Williams and Jeremy Irons are just kind of…in it (plus bonus Brendan Gleeson!). You can catch up for yourself with the “final” trailer below.

Did this release catch anyone off guard? I feel like we heard a lot about it out of the gate, but for the last few months it’s basically been radio silence. Clocking in at an estimated budget of $130-200 million, this needs to make serious bank to make its money back (roughly double, accounting for marketing). I’m wondering if it flops, if Ubisoft won’t try to incorporate it into Uplay as a bonus or something.

The first (of possibly many) Assassin’s Creed films is out on December 21.

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