Oh wow, a new huge Diablo II mod just came out called ‘Median XL’

‘Thousands of new items’

I never understood what the complete rush is for Diablo IV. I mean…Diablo II is pretty much an infinite well of enjoyment, especially with mods, so I can wait for Blizzard to ensure that D4 actually launches when it’s ready. Speaking of Diablo II, it looks like I’m going to get another odd multi-thousand-hour playtime out of the latest gigantic mod: Median XL (it’s been around for a while, but 1.0 just dropped).

As I said, it’s actually gigantic. As per the creators of the mod it includes “thousands of new items,” extra skills, graphical improvements and endgame content. Each class sports 30 new abilities and five “reward” skills after “overcoming challenges.” Examples given are a Crossbow Necromancer build and a Treewarden Druid. This is more work than the average Diablo expansion, even, as every class got a complete overhaul.

The new endgame (perhaps the most important part for a lot of people) includes “40 new quests,” and new monsters, including Diablo III‘s Azmodan. Oh, and you can play as Diablo in one quest in an effort to break into the Worldstone Chamber: metal. Quality of life changes like automatic gold-pickup are the icing on the cake.

1.0 [Median XL]

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