Oh, the trouble two Mercys can get into

2 Mercys 1 Glitch

Like a couple of curious cats, this pair of Mercys wondered if there’s a way to travel through the great abyss on Overwatch‘s Nepal map. And, like the cats, curiosity killed them. Lucky for them, they can just bring each other back to life.

With some nifty platforming and some timely resurrections, this duo finagled their way to the three different stages of the Nepal map. And they did it all in the same round.

As they demonstrate in this video, there’s a glitch that makes it possible to run around a different part of Nepal while your teammates fight the good fight up above. Everything looks the same, items spawn like normal, you can even switch characters down there. (As YouTube user Hulkman503 notes, you could even switch to Symmetra and teleport your whole team.) The only real difference is that you can’t interact with the control points.

To what end, though? None, probably. As Hulkman says in the video “It’s completely useless.” Neat, but useless.

You can glitch between levels in this Overwatch map [Eurogamer]

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