Oh, the humanity: Asteroids arcade cabinet get tossed into a shredder

Warning: this video is not for the squeamish.

As ridiculous as it might seem, what you’re looking at is a gigantic crane picking up an Asteroids arcade cabinet and tossing it into an industrial-sized  shredder. The machine (which was donated to SSI Shredding Systems) was not in working order, but that doesn’t make this any more bearable to watch.

I mean, come on — you don’t see us throwing dead bodies that “no longer work” into a shredder, do you? I’m pretty sure that happened in The Punisher game by Volition and yeah, it was pretty damned cool, but come on. Asteroids?

I’m appalled. I bet these SSI bastards eat puppies, too.

[Via Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ]

Nick Chester