Oh sh*t son, it’s Lu Bu and he’s about to Raid your Multis!

Famitsu loves itself some Dynasty Warriors almost as much as I do, and has recently shown off another of the new “Super Saiyan” models appearing in Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid for the PSP. This time, it’s the one and only Lu Bu, and he doesn’t look too happy about it.

I am really looking forward to trying this one, and will give you some Jimpressions of it as soon as I can, because I know you all love hearing about Koei games. Besides, everyone knows that Dynasty Warriors is the only thing I have ever written about ever in the history of writing. Or so I’ve heard. 

So, with that out of the way, it’s time to hail Multi Raid as the biggest cultural event since Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life”! Huzzah!

[Thanks again, Andreas]

James Stephanie Sterling