Oh look, an easy to replicate Zelda: Breath of the Wild first-person bug

You don’t even need a wacky item or a crazy completion percentage

A new Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch? Well I’d never!

Although folks have been sleazing the game into forcing a first-person camera for a while, Twitter user Axk helped bring a new glitch to light that will make things a lot easier for people from here on out. No mods, elaborate “%” requirements, or wacky items needed.

You can basically do this anywhere at any point. The gist is to use the Sheika Slate camera mechanic, hold an item, then cancel it. Need more help? Axk elaborates in this two-part video. As they state in their Twitter account, they are a “no mods” player.

One huge noteworthy element of all this is the accessibility of the bug. It’s very common for a crazy glitch to make the rounds and become a hit with a percentage of the game’s playerbase; but to see this level of accessibility is semi-rare.

Folks could create some really cool videos very easily based on this method.

Axk_000 [Twitter]

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