Oh hey, Resident Evil 7 has item boxes!

You can never have enough inventory space

Whether fans want Resident Evil 7 to be more in line with the earlier games or embrace change, everyone should find comfort in this pair of teaser videos from Capcom. Well, not the first one. It has a loud phone ringing (multiple phones, even!) and nothing good ever comes of that in a horror setting. “You really shouldn’t have come here,” says a mysterious stranger, just as the clip comes to end.

But the second video? Oh yes. There’s a short but reassuring look at an item box (a series staple I’m glad to see return), as well as a pump-action shotgun that’ll work wonders against some horrible thing.

After noticing the knife in the inventory, I can’t help but hope that knife-only runs are possible in Resident Evil 7. I’d never attempt it, but I always love seeing hardcore players embrace that stuff.

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