Oh hell yeah I want to play a beautiful game starring a cat

‘HK Project’ looks dope

I stumbled on “HK Project” today, though the development blog has seen intermittent (or intermittens or interkittent) updates since October. And the “cat adventure video game, developed by Koola & Viv” sounds right up my alley (cat).

You guys have seen my cat, right?


I think Morimoto is turning five in May. I don’t know, it’s been a while. Yes, he is named for the Iron Chef.

Anyways look at this shit.

It’s like Gravity Rush minus Kat, or Garfield Minus Garfield. Uh, wait.

But seriously, this is some new phone background shit:

The more recent updates are a bit more “how the sausage is made” as the duo works on cat animations against abstract geometry. Not as sexy, but important for delivering on that sexy promise, yadig?

“I have spent a lot of time to have correct collision for the cat. Seeing that the character controller in unreal 4 is mainly for biped, there was a lot to do to have the cat collided with the world without his head passes through walls or to have it walking on small surfaces without falling (it maybe seems easy but for me it was a real headache).”

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