Oh good, SCUM now has a mask made from human skin

Happy early Halloween!

The meticulous survival simulation game SCUM has a fresh update out this week, and at a glance, everything seems peachy. Performance optimizations are often a godsend for games just getting started on Steam Early Access. Caves are fun to explore. And who doesn’t love a good taunt?

But then we come to the new gear that prisoners will be able to craft.

First up is the “improvised handgun,” which sure, you gotta have that if you want to stand a chance. Then it’s the “improvised shotgun,” clearly the next logical step in this line of thinking. The third item on the list is where I take issue. It’s a so-called “improvised mask” that “can be made by anyone.”

This million-selling game now lets people craft masks out of human flesh.

Have a great weekend indeed.

Patch Notes [Sept 28, 2018] [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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