Oh god, the robots can now play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Archos has come, and all organics shall fall in its shadow

Well, bugger. That’s me out of a job.

Some of you may remember a while ago when UK editor Laura and I played a fair amount of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on YouTube. We became a well-oiled machine, adopting new strategies to defuse some of the most complicated bombs out there. We were really good at that game.

And then bloody C3PO comes along and makes me look like an absolute idiot.

This is a bot developed by Devan Hurst that can respond to voice commands and solve Keep Talking’s puzzles at lightning speed. It’s not entirely perfect yet, because Devan still needs to practically know the manual himself to explain certain parts, but it is still really cool to watch a bot work out the anagram or complicated wire puzzles. There’s also a separate video of the infamous word puzzle that is an utter arse to work through.

My favourite bit is where the bot says “it’s not my fault!” when Devan exclaims that they did it. Aww, silly little computer. At least I know when to be happy!

The source code for the bot is available on Github if you want to get it running for yourself.

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