Oh God: New Resident Evil movie plot revealed

Actor Boris Kodjoe, starring in Surrogates which opens soon, has revealed some plot details on Resident Evil: Afterlife. He’s set to star in the movie along with Milla Jovovich, Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller (who’s doing something BioShock related too) and Ali Larter, who played Claire Redfield in Resident Evil: Extinction.

Not much on the plot was given, but we have a basic idea of what to expect now. F*ck:

I play the leader of the survivors in LA. Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, is roaming the world looking for survivors and she’s wound up in LA, which has been burning for three years. She comes across an LA jail surrounded be these half-dead, uhh…[zombies]. Yeah, they’re those monsters, what are they called? Anyway, she comes across the jail and there’s a couple of survivors and she lands on top of the roof and partners up with me to fight the guys that are coming after them. We’re trying to get all of the survivors out of the jail to safety. We’re starting next week, actually.

Well, that sounds horrible. It also sounds like something ripped from The Walking Dead with the whole prison bit. Speaking of Surrogates, that looks really good. Granted, I’m obsessed with the whole culture of cybernetics. 

[via io9]

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