Oh God, 700 European stores leak alleged European release date (yes, again)

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It seems that placeholder dates for the Wii are coming out of the wall lately. Are these leaks or placeholders? Its becoming increasingly harder to take stores seriously, and the wobbly trend does not appear to be slowing down. Earlier today, I was looking at the web site of the French video game store Score Game when I saw something rather interesting:Score Game's Wii pageLet’s take a closer look:Wii's European release date ?According this latest supposed leak spotting, it appears that Wii orders will begin shipping on the 25th of November. The site also says that both Tony Hawk Downhill Jam and Rayman contre les Lapins Crétins (aka Rayman Raving Rabbids) will be released on that day. Those are the only two games mentioned on the Wii section of the site. I don’t know if they made the mistake of putting the release date early on the site (or a placeholder date if it’s just speculation on their part) but what I can tell you is that Score Game stores are part of The Game Group which has about 700 stores across Europe. With rumors of a possible Nintendo delay in Europe for what could be March, this comes as a surprise. With all the Nintendo press events taking place around the world this week and a few Destructoid editors attending in various locations, we should get some reliable answers before the week is over.

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