Oh dang, thatgamecompany’s new title is out this year

We could probably use a ‘game about giving’ right now

Flower and Journey creator thatgamecompany’s next project is several years into production now and, as you might’ve heard, it’s due out this year. Somehow, I missed that tidbit originally. Maybe you did too. So let this serve as a reminder that 2017 is shaping up to be another wonderful year in games.

The company is hiring for several positions, and while the listings don’t necessarily give away anything wild or unexpected about the self-published multiplatform title, there are hints of what’s ahead.

  • Feel Engineer: “Have a desire to create meaningful, enriching experiences that touch and inspire players.”
  • Graphics Engineer: “The goal in this role is to deliver the kind of visual spectacle and rich moment-to-moment feedback that helped define our last game, Journey — which earned recognition as 2012’s Game of the Year in part due to the visual spectacle of its graphics technology.”
  • Senior Gameplay Engineer: “Our games rely on rich moment-to-moment feedback systems to accentuate a player’s actions and create a living world. We’re looking for a someone to bring our game worlds to life.”
  • Senior Level Designer: “As game designers we think of spaces as the context for player interactions – particularly mulitplayer interactions. […] “In addition to the artistic side, each level is responsible for teaching the player how to play, while also delivering key emotional and narrative beats via interactivity.”

Other than the general vibe of the studio’s prior games, we don’t have much else to go on for “thatnextgame.” This is about it, really: teaser images, the concept of “giving,” and a form of multiplayer.

If they can pull off another game that makes me feel the way Journey did without leaning too far into some of those same concepts and emotional beats, I’ll be thrilled. Curiously, there’s still no indication of which platforms it will appear on. I hope it hits the usual suspects, and then some.

thatgamecompany [Twitter via reddit]

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