OFLC confirms Konami-published, Nihilistic-developed Zombie Apocalypse title

Confirming our earlier rumors, the Australian ratings board has listed a Nihilistic Software title, Zombie Apocalypse.

As our sources had indicated, the title will be multi-platform, with signs pointing to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. The game, not surprisingly, got stamped with a mature rating, for “strong horror violence” as well as “blood and gore.” Just the way we like it. The game will be published by Konami Digital Entertainment.

Zombie Apocalypse is said to feature multiple weapons (including a chainsaw!), as well as environment-based undead kills. Multiplayer (competitive and cooperative) is also rumored to be be included in the title, so start making some friends who hate zombies. Or just love killing ’em.

To sweeten the news, we’re including two pieces of concept art, rumored to be from early on in the game’s production. Yup, those are definitely zombies. 

[Via GamerBytes]

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