Official Sega ad claims that Sonic is getting ‘new games’ in 2021

‘A year of celebration’

A while back we heard about some sort of Sega announcement window that would give us more Sonic news, but current events have been pushing all that back. Now, thanks to an advertisement in an internally distributed trade resource (that went public this past weekend), we know when all of that might actually come to fruition: 2021.

According to the Licensing Source Book Europe (which boasts about the $6 billion in franchise revenue to date), there will be a huge blowout 30th anniversary for Sonic in 2021 that will function as a “year of celebration.” It will entail “new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing program.” 

Now, don’t get too excited. “New games” could mean “one new 3D Sonic game” and one or more mobile runners. Or, multiple mobile games. Or, it could bring us a 2D Sonic, or a proper follow-up to Sonic Mania: who knows! Either way I hope there’s a follow-up to Sonic Forces soon that gets the 3D formula back on track.

Sega, take your time, and blow everyone away with Sonic Adventure 3. I know you said a few years back you weren’t interested, but that was right before Sonic Forces came out.

LSB Europe Summer 2020 [Issuu via Tails Channel]

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