Official Nickelodeon artists made this Nick Cartoon Smash Bros. mashup poster

Spongebob *would* be Mario, wouldn’t he

This was an amazing thing to wake up to: Nicktoons as Smash characters, but from real Nickelodeon artists! Crafted by Tim Prendergast (Rugrats, Invader Zim) and Kurt Snyder (Spongebob), the key art recreates the Smash Ultimate cast in Nickelodeon cartoon form, spanning decades of history.

Pretty much every generation should find something to relate to here, like Angelica Pickles as Princess Peach (apt), Rocko as Fox, Blue as the Duck Hunt Dog, and CatDog as the Ice Climbers. Even a few obscure legacy shows like Aaahh!!! Real Monsters make it in (as the Piranha Plant collectively, in toilet form).

It’s easy to say that this art brings me back in basic nostalgia sort of way, but it really goes to show you how many damn cartoons Nick creatives whipped up over the years. At least someone hasn’t forgotten about Angry Beavers (Norbert is Sonic)!

Bonus round: favorite Nick show? Mine’s probably Rocko’s Modern Life.

Chris Carter
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