Official Mario and Zelda songbooks now available

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Get this: Japanese book and music stores have their own videogame sheet music sections. I’ve dropped hundreds of dollars picking up the full, official scores for my favorite videogames in Japan so that I could enjoy playing/learning them. But here in the west you’re stuck importing or scanning someone else’s books, as there’s very little in the way of game sheet music to be found.

Alfred Music Publishing is looking to remedy this with four new officially licensed Nintendo songbooks. Super Mario for GuitarSuper Mario for PianoSuper Mario for Easy Piano and The Legend of Zelda for Piano are now available. They’re all reasonably priced at less than $20 each, available on Alfred Music Publishing’s webstore right now. Joystiq says that the Super Mario and Zelda piano books are also available in ebook format on the iBookstore.

I hope this keeps up, as there’s tons of great game music scores that game-loving musicians would love to get their hands on.

You need to hear my rendition of Persona 3′s battle song, “Mass Destruction,” on piano. Hilarious. The sheet music is the pride of my collection.

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