Official fan site for Eternal Sonata offers prizes for participation

Namco Bandai’s has created an official “enthusiast community” for the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG  Eternal Sonata, where site members and contributors can earn game-themed prizes.

After creating an account and logging in, members of Endless Nocturne can submit fan art, answer poll questions, take quizzes and surveys, and to other silly things to earn “Notes.” These Notes serve as a form of currency at the Web site, and members that have collected enough can purchase MP3 players, posters, Eternal Sonata Xbox 360 face plates, and even signed copies of game art, game soundtracks, and the game itself.

From now until November 15th, members have the ability to participate and earn Notes, but you’ll want to start now as the costs for prizes are high. Quick surveys may earn you a couple hundred points, but that will be just a drop in the bucket as you’ll need to rack up over 100,000 Notes for the top prizes.

[Via Endless Nocturne — Thanks, Mr. Donut] 

Dale North